Navagraha rudraksha mala

Product Description

Nava Graha mala pacifies all nine graha and balances all seven chakra in the auric body. Nava graha mala consists of nine Indonesian rudraksha beads: 2 mukhi for moon (Chandra), 5 mukhi for Jupiter (Bruhaspati), 6 mukhi for Mars (Mangal), 7 or 13 mukhi for Venus (Shukra), 8 mukhi for Ketu, 9 mukhi for Rahu, 12 mukhi for Sun (Surya), 15 mukhi for Mercury (Budha) , and 17 mukhi for Saturn (Shani). It is an extremely powerful combination which solves all problems of life i.e. Kama, Artha, Dharma, and moksha.

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