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Comprehend the profound connection between the stars and your destiny, finding solutions to all your challenges with Santosh Sharma, an esteemed astrologer in Bangalore, India

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Vedic Astrology
Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is based on our karma of past life. Wing Commander Dr. Santosh Sharmaa empowers individuals through scientific interpretations of astrological chart and helps them transform negative planetary energies into positive so that they can solve their life’s challenges.

Aura Chakra
Aura Chakra

Our physical body is made of 5 basic elements i.e. earth, water, fire, air and ether. It is surrounded by aura (electrical body), which is connected to the universal source of life energies. The aura around our body has 7 chakras (energy vortices) which influence our endocrine system.

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We, at White Lotus Spirituality, provide energized, original, laboratory tested authentic Rudraksha. Each rudraksha acts as a channel for positive energy, fostering balance and peace and growth in your life. Rudraksha also removes malefic effects of bad planets in your chart.


Gemstones are used to boost good energies of planets. You can buy Srilankan/ Zambian lab-tested, certified, natural, unheated and untreated gemstones from us. Each gemstone works as a potent channel for positive energy, brings balance and success in every aspect of your life.


Santosh Sharma Astrologer

In a world of stress, anxiety & uncertainty, Dr. Santosh Sharmaa helps you through scientific astrology, rudraksha, gemstones and energy balancing methods. Here, Astrology is used as a tool to understand energy imbalances in the bodymind, hence serves as a guiding force offering insights into the intricate connections between cosmic energies & individual well-being. All these acts as catalysts to unlock hidden potentialities & offer scientifically proven approaches for solving our life’s challenges.

Dr. Santosh Sharmaa (ex-wing commander Indian Air Force) is a third generation Vedic Astrologer. He stands apart from the traditional astrologers of present era as his theories are based on physics, meta-physics, neurology, logic and energy fields and their effects on human bodymind. His astrological insights & relatable examples make him stand apart from other astrologers. He has developed a unique system of influences of grahas on our chakras.


1. Wing Commander Santosh Sharmaa brings a disciplined and practical approach to astrology. He blends old traditional astrological knowledge with modern science. His understanding and explanation are rationale based, which you can relate to your real-life problems.

2. A lineage of more than 100 years:  Reap Benefit from the rich heritage of astrological wisdom passed down through three generations. Santosh Sharmaa has inherited old secrets of chart analysis from his fore fathers.  You are reading this right now is not by chance. Maybe you are preordained to connect to Santosh Sharmaa to receive guidance steeped in old tradition and modern expertise.

3. Scientific and Logical Astrological Interpretations: Understand about your subconscious mind’s programming from Santosh Sharmaa. His explanations are based on logical analysis of astrological charts. His approach of root cause analysis and probable solutions are simple and easy to follow. It helps you to keep away from dogmas, fears and fatalistic approach in life.

Here We Know About

White Lotus Spirituality


Welcome to White Lotus Spirituality, which is led by Dr. Santosh Sharmaa, a distinguished authority in the realm of Astrology.

White Lotus Spirituality is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation, registered with the Government of India under GST 29ACLPS6880P1ZB

 At White Lotus Spirituality, we offer scientific chart analysis and genuine, lab-tested Rudraksha and Gemstones.

Beyond our commitment to spiritual services, we also operate as a charitable trust, registered under the Government of Karnataka. We are associated with World Federation of Mental Health, aiming community welfare, which encompasses individuals’ feelings, functioning, and overall life evaluation on personal and social levels.

“Mental health” focuses on one’s emotional state and ability to cope with daily life, while “Physical health” goes beyond the absence of disease, emphasizing lifestyle choices for maintaining good health and achieving a balanced state of body, mind, and spirit. Our organization believes that everything, including human bodies, is composed of energies with variable frequencies.

Imbalances in these frequencies can lead to disharmony and psychosomatic problems. We help you achieve peace and health by arranging energy frequencies harmoniously in the body through practices such as balancing Pancha Maha bhoota, aura chakra balancing, self-hypnosis, and meditation. We conduct free workshops in various institutions, including Bangalore Central Jail, Old Age Homes, Schools, and Corporate offices. We teach Aura Chakra Balancing, self-hypnosis & meditation etc without any fee or remunerations.

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