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Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology (JYOTISH) readings assume the law of karma and past births. That is why, in our horoscopes we find mention of “Dasha Bhukti balance”.


Gem Stones

There are resonance relationships between the planets, colors, gemstones, digital sequences, and other phenomena. Each planet is resonant with specific frequencies of the color spectrum.



We can use rudraksh for pacifying effects of graha in astrological charts. We can also use rudraksh for balancing/converting or boosting graha energies to acquire success and good health.

White Lotus Spirituality

Dr. Santosh Sharmaa (ex-wing commander Indian Air Force) heads White Lotus Spirituality ( ISO 9001:2015 certified and registered with Government of India vide GST 29ACLPS6880P1ZB).

A third generation astrologer, astrological understanding of Dr. Santosh Sharmaa and it’s applications in real life situations , makes him stand apart from traditional astrologers of present era.His theories are based on physics, meta-physics, neurology, logic and energy fields and their interactions on human body and mind.He has developed a unique system of graha influence on our chakras.At the bottom (red color) is the root chakra. This chakra is for survival and life energies.

Root or mooladhara  chakra is controlled and influenced by Rahu and Mars. Rahu being Infra Red and Mars Red color frequencies.Near Navel (orange color) is the Swadhisthana chakra, responsible for pleasures of life and pro-creation.

Swadhisthana chakra is controlled and influenced by Venus and Moon.Above navel area in the Manipura chakra (yellow color) which is the seat for power, promotion, success.

Heart or Anahata  chakra is controlled and influenced by Mercury.Over throat (blue color) is the vishuddhi chakra for expression and communication.

Manipura  chakra is controlled and influenced by Sun  and Jupiter.Over the heart (green color) is the Anahata chakra, which is the seat of emotions (love, hatred, insecurity, sadness etc.) .

Throat or vishuddhi  chakra is controlled and influenced by Mercury  and Saturn (as a combination).On the forehead, between the eye brows is the third eye or Ajna chakra which bestows power on us to visualize and plan our future.

 Ajna chakra is controlled and influenced by Saturn, which works like a GPS.

On the top of head is the Crown chakra (Sahasraara), which works like an antennae to download out-box ideas from universe.  Crown  chakra is controlled and influenced by Ketu.

Click Here To know more about  Wing Commander Dr. Santosh Sharmaa 

Wing Commander Dr. Santosh Sharmaa at his Bengaluru center, provides online consultation and  genuine and energized rudraksha from Nepal and Indonesia & astrologically suitable natural unheated/untreated gemstones from Srilanka, Zambia, and Columbia. Call +91 – 984 512 4158/ 999 4985 444 .

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testimonial testimonial

A very thorough cleansing was done. So many issues surfaced. I have amazing clarity through the sessions.Thank you and God Bless!

Subrat Mishra

testimonial testimonial

Guidance, support, trustand many more things you will get from him. He guides like true friend to me. I always feel a personal touch from him. Best Astrologer Consultation.

Susmita Kri

testimonial testimonial

Santosh ji is the best astrologer and he is polite and soft spoken. predicted good. explained well. accurately predicted about my daughter's marriage and time of marriage. Good Service.

Taniya Khan

testimonial testimonial

He is the best astrologer in Delhi. My all problem is solve after meet him.<br /> Thank you sir. 17 mukhi rudraksha.

Aditi Kri

testimonial testimonial

All his predictions about us was 100% accurate. Whatever he told about us based on our horoscope, was completely true. best vedic astrologer in pune.

Mitali Goshwami

testimonial testimonial

Superb response from this astrologer. Had booked appointment for online consultance. I'm satisfied with all my queries getting solved by him. best astrologer.

Rim Jhim

testimonial testimonial

Top most Astrologer in india because his many followers who talk positive his pritiction.Really i felt that He is very good motivator for youngers also.

Kashmira Shah

testimonial testimonial

In Hyderabad , he sounded like a very knowledgeable astrologer. He provided some future timeliness in terms of marriage, job, and financial stability, among other things.

Arjun Kashyap

testimonial testimonial

Excellent in terms of everything. Very professional, patient and make us feel so comfortable with their expert experience, help and knowledge. best vedic astrologer in india.

Jiya Arora

testimonial testimonial

Simply awesome.He guides and counsels you for every corner of your life and his remedies just work wonders. He predicts accurately and speaks exactly, best astrologer in india.

Rushi Pandey

testimonial testimonial

He has great knowledge about astrology. Hoping the remedies work well for me Would definitely consult him again. Thank you

Kanisha Bhandari

testimonial testimonial

I must say, his solutions has certainly brought back the peace and helped in progressing towards right path of life. Based on several discussions. Best Astrologer Consultation in delhi .

Thomas A. Lucas

testimonial testimonial

He is great astrologer. He is providing all the divine way to keep away from hurdles in life. He will definitely set the mile stone in astrology.

Mukesh shah

testimonial testimonial

Really he is one of the best astrologers in kolkata. We all family members got perfect predictions and solutions from him. Best Astrologer Consultation

Kanak Kohli

testimonial testimonial

I had some severe problem before one year and so I visited him. I got very good results. best astrologer in india.

Shivani Sharma

testimonial testimonial

Top Astrologer Blue Sappire and Emerald buy. I highly recommend coming to ascertain him! Real then accurate!!! His whole vibe and energy! He's the important deal and best astrologer in india.

Johnnie M. Clement

testimonial testimonial

The best astrologer I have ever see, I reffer all my friends and family members towards him. His remedies are really very effective and u will see the effect are visible soon in life.

Aavesh Gill

testimonial testimonial

I really thankful to santosh sir for his guidance and support, I met him for career related issue, the way he explained me my chart and given scientific explanation. best astrologer consultation.

Shilpi Bhide

testimonial testimonial

Career Astrology,Vastu Services, Rudraksha today had been truly energizing. So thanks to you for all this

Avishek Sengupta

testimonial testimonial

I know Santosh Sharma since 2 years. He has helped me in all spheres of life. For me he is like God to me and without him...

Siby S Rajan

testimonial testimonial

very humble and knowledgeable astrologer. I spoke to him on the phone and he patiently gave me enough time to discuss the problem and explained in details. So thankful to Guru Ji for his guidance. Best Astrologer Consultation.

Pratibha Sinha

testimonial testimonial

He's absolutely brilliant and trustworthy. I have been to many astrologers before and by now can easily decipher whether a person or his advice is genuine and trust me he's totally worth your money and time


testimonial testimonial

Santosh ji is one of the best renowned person in the field of astrology. He is very genuine person and learned man. All his predictions and advise have been come true, helpful and a source of light in the hardest times.

Mihir Sharda

testimonial testimonial

He is a very good human being and astrologer. He told me to continue my business and I got success within 6 months. He changed my life. Best astrologer and his prediction too.

Kavita Vijayvargiya


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