Rudraksha are significant aspect of spiritual and astrological practices. They are believed to possess unique energy and vibrations that can influence us both physically, mentally and spiritually. In Vedic astrology, different types of Rudraksha are associated with different planets, and wearing these can harmonize and balance the energies related to those planets by converting negative energies to positive.

Usage of rudraksha in astrology

Here's a brief overview of how Rudraksha beads are believed to work in countering astrological challenges
1. Balancing Planetary Energies:

Each Rudraksha is associated with a specific planet and resonates with the energy of that planet. Wearing the planet related rudraksha correctly balances the planetary energies in an individual’s astrological chart.

2. Pacifying Malefic Effects:

When certain planets are found to be malefic or have a negative influence, wearing specific Rudraksha associated with those planets pacifies or mitigate their harmful effects.

3. Countering Doshas:

Rudraksha are commonly used to counteract astrological doshas such as Kalasarpa dosha, vish yog, pitru dosh, and Sadhe Sati etc. The positive energies emitted by rudraksha helps in alleviating the adverse effects of these doshas.

4. Solving Various Life Issues:

Rudraksha beads are also believed to assist in addressing a wide range of life issues, including marital conflicts, delayed marriage, fertility issues, mental health concerns, and career-related challenges.

If you are considering using Rudraksha for astrological purposes, it is advisable to consult with a knowledgeable astrologer or spiritual guide who can provide personalized guidance based on your astrological chart and specific life circumstances. it is essential to approach them with an open mind and a balanced perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I do not wish to wear the Rudraksha for some time, how should it be stored?

Keep rudraksha in a wooden box or wrapped in a clean cloth at Pooja or clean place.

2. Do Rudraksha always have 108 beads?

Not necessarily. You can wear a mala of any number. Generally 108 beads (with one extra on the top of mala) are used for doing japa. However, there are no such rules about numbers.

3. Can I share my Rudraksha with someone else?

No, you should never do that. Energy contamination can happen.

4. How can we tell if a Rudraksha has lost its vibrancy?

Rudraksha behaves like capacitator. If you are sensitive, by touching the rudraksha, you should be able to feel the vibrancy. Do aura chakra balancing regularly to keep rudraksha beads charged.

5. If a few beads of the mala break, do I need to buy a whole new mala?

No. Continue to wear the mala.

6. Are Rudraksha seeds supposed to get darker in colour the longer I wear them? Why does this happen?

Generally rudraksha beads become darker because of heat and sweat of our body. This is very normal and you should not worry.

7. How much time does it takes to feel the full effects of rudraksha?

Rudraksha takes 30 to 90 days to show effects. All the red blood cells (RBCs) in our blood, acting as energy carriers, get re-cycled in 90 to 120 days. That is why; full effects of rudraksha can be felt in 3 to 4 months provided you keep the rudraksha charged by doing regular aura chakra balancing.

8. How to know if rudraksha is original?

To know if a rudraksha is original the best method is to demand a laboratory certificate, which you can verify online from the lab website itself. Lab tests should include: microscopic examination, UV test, HB (Hard Boiling) test and X-ray test, when needed. Also, find out the credibility of the person from whom you are buying rudraksha.

X-ray test can help us to know if a 15 mukhi rudraksha has 15 seeds/chambers inside or not (sometimes seeds cannot be seen and verifying number of chambers is enough). Old test methods like putting rudraksha in water to check if it sinks or floats or keeping rudraksha between 2 coins and check if rudraksha rotates etc. are unscientific and misleading.

9. What changes one feel after wearing rudraksha?

After wearing rudraksha for about 3 months, you feel physically energetic, mentally focused, increased happiness, improved concentration, better sleep and experience energy boast.

10. Can one wear rudraksha while sleeping?

You can wear rudraksha while sleeping. There is no restriction. However, if you are not comfortable, you can remove and keep it aside. Ensure that you keep rudraksha away from electronic gadgets.

Disclaimer: “Results vary from person to person”

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