By placing any order with us, you agree that you have read all the terms and conditions and understood the disclaimers. The disputes, if any, are subject to Bangalore urban court’s jurisdiction only.

  • The pictures of rudraksha are for general depiction purpose. The perception of size may differ as different camera angles and lights etc. will affect the pictures. The rudraksha are lab tested for its originality. All the rudraksha will be supplied with such lab certificate with valid bills as per the government regulations. There is NIL GST on rudraksha.
  • All gemstones are natural ones suitable for astrological purpose. The pictures are for general depiction purpose only. The perception of size may differ as different camera angles and the light conditions etc. will affect the color. The gemstones are lab tested to verify originality and if there are indications of thermal enhancement etc. If it has such enhancements, then it will be indicated in the lab certificate. An unheated and untreated gemstone will have a lab certificate indicating absence of these. We supply each gemstone with valid bills as per government regulations. At present, all gemstones attract GST of .25%.
  • No item can be returned as we do a pooja in your name before the dispatch whether it is rudraksha or gemstone. No gemstone can be returned because of the color or any other observations. All purchases at your risks. Our guarantee is for originality and genuineness of products.
  • All rudraksha beads are provided with silver caps in thread mala. The silver caps are removed if these are being sent abroad (especially U.S.A and Canada) because of security restrictions. You can put a silver or gold mala afterwards at your own cost.
  • All gemstone rings are made of silver and are flexi in nature (it can be increased or decreased). However, we do not give any guarantee on size. If it does not fit, you then please get the ring made by using the same stone. We do not take any return or re-make rings for you.
  • The price indicated includes courier charges for persons residing in India only. For abroad, you need to pay actual courier charges. Find out from us about such charges before you place order.

Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person.

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