Unlock the Power of Your Destiny with Pukhraj, Neelam and Emerald - Nature's Gifts for a Flourishing Life!

Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj):-

Pukhraj is a gem of jnana and prosperity. It is revered for its vibrant energy. Wearing this gemstone enhances discerning capacity, attracts wealth, and opens doors to new opportunities. Pukhraj guides you towards a path of success and knowledge.

Blue sapphire (Neelam):-

It is the stone of destiny, which carries a powerful aura. Known for its ability to boost focus and determination, this gemstone can lead to career advancements and financial stability. Let Neelam be your guiding light, shaping your destiny and fostering success in every endeavour.

Emerald (Panna) :-

Emerald, the gem of harmony, memory, emotional stability and renewal, has a calming influence on the mind. Wearing emerald can improve expression ability and bring balance to relationships. Embrace the energy of emerald to create a harmonious and prosperous life filled with love and understanding.

Whether it is the jnana of Pukhraj, the destiny changing power of Neelam, or the harmonizing energy of Emerald, these gemstones are not just adornments; they are your companions on the journey to a successful and flourishing life.

Frequently Asked Videos

1. When NOT to wear gemstone?
2. Can We Wear Gemstones For Planets In 6th 8th And 12th House?
3. How To Take Care Of Gemstones?
4. Will Gemstone Not Work If It Does Not Touch Skin?
5. can I Wear Gemstones Of Debilitated Planets?
6. Does Gemstone Expire?
7. how To Energise Gemstones?
8. How To Wear Gemstones? Is It based on Lagna Rasi Or Nakshatra?
9. can We Wear Rudraksha And Gemstones Together?
10. which Gemstones Should Not Be Worn Together?
11. how Many Ratti Or Carats Gemstone To Wear?
12. how To Use Neelam (Blue Sapphire)?
13. can One Wear Gemstone Without Kundali Analysis?
14. Can one wear gemstone for a retrograde planet?
15. when Should We Remove Gemstone Rings?
16. which Gemstone Should I Wear?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Gemstone?

We dig and find gemstones deep underneath the earth. Because of tectonic pressure and heat under deep earth, these stones acquire radioactive properties and release ions of chemicals these are composed of. These negative ions connect with electrolytes in our blood plasma to balance our body energies.

2. What Are The Differences Between Natural Gemstones and Artificial Gemstones?

We dig natural gemstones from underneath the earth and cut/polish. We do not treat these with colors or heat. People make artificial gemstones in the laboratory by mimicking the chemicals.  Natural gemstones are always costlier than the artificial gemstones.

3. What Should Be The Weight Of Gemstone For Wearing A Ring?

Weight of gem has nothing to do with our body weight. Some people say that it should be 5% carat of body weight i.e. if your weight is 80 kg then you should wear 4 carat. This has no logic. Some people say that women should wear gem of 2.5 % of her body weight i.e. if a woman is 80 kg then she should wear 2 carat. These are illogical and have no justification. You should wear a stone irrespective of weight consideration.

4. How to test original gemstones visually?

All natural gemstones will have some flaws. All artificial and manmade gemstones will be clear and more beautiful.

5. Are Natural Gemstones And Man Made Gemstones Same Composition Wise?

Natural and artificial gemstones may be the same in terms of chemical compositions, refractive index, density and hardness. However, natural gemstones are best suitable for astrological purposes.

6. When Gemstone Will Not Work?

A gemstone, will not work if the planet for which you are using is in debilitation in your chart. Gemstone works for planet, which is favourable in your chart but weak.

7. Can A Gemstone Harm?

YES. If a planet is bad in your chart and you wear a gemstone for that planet then it will harm you. For example, if Saturn is bad in your chart and you wear a Blue Sapphire, then it will harm you. A 17 mukhi rudraksha will help you instead.

8. What Precautions One Should Take While Wearing A Natural Gemstone?

All natural gemstones are susceptible to chemical reactions. Strong detergents, acids fumes in the toilet, paint; nail polish remover etc. touching gems should be avoided. All these may react with natural gemstones and crack/ colour disfigure can happen. Emerald becomes dry in summer and can crack. Occasionally a little oil should be applied on emerald gemstone to keep it moist.

9. Do Gemstones really work?

YES, Gemstone works. All the gemstones are found deep underneath the earth. Due to the heat and tectonic pressure of the earth over it, these stones acquire radio –active properties. All natural gemstones radiate negative ions of chemicals these are composed of. For example: Emerald consists of Beryllium, silicate, aluminium and Lithium, Pukhraj consists of aluminium Oxide, and Neelam consists of aluminium oxide, iron and titanium. These get released in the form of negative ions and interact with the electrolytes in our blood plasma and we receive the positive effects of these gemstones. That is how gemstones work as boosters. That is why I always say that one should not wear a gemstone of that planet which is bad in the chart.

10. Which gemstone should you NOT wear?

Artificial manmade stones do not radiate the chemicals and at best these stones can act like color therapy tools. These are not fit for Vedic astrology purposes.

Disclaimer: “Results vary from person to person”

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