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What is Jyotish?

It is all about your life’s journey. When you are sick, you go to a doctor ( in this case an astrologer). The doctor sends you for some tests and analyses the lab reports to know about your current issues and problems.

Best Vedic Astrology Analysis Bangalore

Best Vedic Astrology Bangalore

Kundali, similar to the lab test report, is a tool to decipher present issues and problems, depending on the present position of your life journey path (Mahadasha and Antar Dasha, etc.). Like a doctor gives you medicines to bring homeostasis in your health, the astrologer suggests the use of  various energy equalizer methods (Parihar, mantras, yantra, Rudraksha, and Ratna i.e. gemstones, etc. to achieve energy equalization)

How Astrology works

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We refer to astrology as JYOTISH. Jyoti means light and ish is god i.e. light is the god. In Jyotish, we are talking about the sun: the source of light and it’s planets (solar system). Sun is the primary source of energy for our survival. Without the sun, we can not imagine life. The source of life is light both for plants and animals and for that matter, all forms of life on earth.

Sunlight has a spectrum of frequencies from  Infra-Red (IR) to Ultra Violet (UV). In between, we have the visible range frequencies Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (VIBGYOR).

We know that IR and UV are invisible to naked eyes (TV remote uses IR). Hence in Jyotish, we call these two extreme ranges (two nodes) Chhayas (shadows). This is apt because we cannot see this spectrum.


The wavelength of IR is bigger than red, red is bigger than orange and so on. As the frequencies become higher, the wavelengths become smaller, as the wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency.

Imagine a human being, feet is the region of IR (Rahu) and top of head UV (Ketu).


How UV rays of Nakshatras (stars) influence us?

Stars emanate Ultra- Violet (UV) rays. In Jyotish, 27 nakshatras (stars) have been identified, which influence us. UV rays from these stars get reflected by the moon ( as the moon reflects sunlight ). These UV rays effect and influence our brain neurons, pituitary, pineal glands, hormonal secretions and create an Operating system (OS) in brain hardware. The way we perceive, behave, our innate nature (selfishness, compassion, anger and ethical principles etc) all these are determined by UV rays of a particular star we belong to. Each star has its own characteristics. Hence, depending on which star applies to a person, he/she behaves, thinks, and conducts himself/herself.


Kundali means a coiled form. It is your inherited inherent karmic accumulation balance sheet.

This balance sheet has all the debt and credits of your karmas (read about karma more in my book: The Gate Way to Spirituality) of past life. Nature (or we say divinity)  makes us accountable for all our actions and pronounces awards/rewards and punishments as per Karmic rulebook. The whole system is autonomous and impartial.


Rahu is depicted as head in ancient pictures and because of this, people think that Rahu influences the head region.

We have discussed that Rahu influences and controls the root chakra, which is at the base of the meru danda (spinal cord), means the lower part of the body.

In Hindu scriptures, Rahu is referred as Chhayaa (shadow). It is correct because IR, which wing commander Santosh Kumar Sharma refers as Rahu, is invisible to naked eyes. If you stand near a water body and look at your shadow, the reflection on water will be revered i.e. your head will be down and feet up. That is why, wing commander Santosh Kumar Sharma says that Rahu effects the lower part of the body and NOT the head (head is down on water shadow as chhayaa).


 IR is in between Red and Micro woven frequency range and hence has the element of heat. Heat is required for origination, growth, and sustenance of all organisms and living beings. That is why, Rahu is such an essential form of energy.

Rahu in exalted form can bestow power and authority and can make one a leader. It can give name, fame, and honor. However, a malefic or wrongly placed Rahu can create restlessness and generate unbridled anger.

Rahu if it is ill placed can create unnecessary fears and doubts about self and others. A person feels like running away from the place of stay. Rahu can make a person schizophrenic and mad. It can also lead to series of abortions and makes it difficult to conceive a child. Rahu is capable of destroying marriage and can lead to divorce. One can become addicted to alcohol and drugs because of Rahu. All these can happen if Rahu is wrongly placed in your chart.

If you have been facing any of these issues, please contact Wing commander Santosh Kumar Sharma for solution through rudraksha.

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 Mars… Mangal


Mars is highly misunderstood by people. However, It is a graha which is known as “mangal” means auspicious. This graha is for energy, heat, courage, leadership, and valor.

Too much of this energy (if Mars is exalted) or if it is malefic in astro chart, a person can be very short tempered and aggressive in behavior. If it is vakri then it can make one fearful and lazy. If it is debilitated then one can get into depression and does not take any interest in worldly matters.

A wrongly placed Mars can delay marriage. It can also disrupt relationships like Rahu and can lead a couple to divorce.

Mars can severely affect partnership in business and one should be careful.

“Mangalik dosha” i.e. Mars blemish is a very controversial subject and there are lots of confusion regarding this. You must consult qualified astrologers in such cases and do not fall in to wrong hands.

In all cases, where Mars is giving bad results, one should stay away from coral and wear rudraksha.

Please contact wing commander Santosh Kumar Sharma for solutions if you have any of these problems in your life.

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Venus …Shukra


Venus is all about romance and sex.  If  Venus is good then person has a happy temperament, smiling face, beautiful figure, attractive eyes, and enchanting personality. They have interest in luxuries of life, good clothes, ornaments, ability to enjoy life physically and mentally.

A malefic / vakri or badly placed Venus robs a person of pleasures of life. Low sexual desire, premature ejaculation, frigidity, problems relating to sperms ( sperms are called “shukranu”), womb and conceive related issues of women are indications of Venus related problems.

Venus can help to be successful as a model, stage artist, movie actor and all kinds of creative activities.

Venus boosts chances of success in romantic relationships and makes the aura magnetic. A person becomes capable of influencing the opposite sex by his/her seer presence. The married life becomes very lively with loads of romance and pleasures.

What is life without little romance? A romantic person loves all aspects of life. A drizzle, sunrise, ocean, and mountains lit up his/her eyes. People love to be around such a person.

If you are leading a dull and morose life, then you should get in touch with Wing commander Santosh Kumar Sharma. He will make you smile.




We have 70 % water in our body. We know how moon influences the seawater creating lull or waves. Moon thus controls and influences our emotion. People born on days closer to Poornima (full moon) are generally happy-go-lucky types. They are very emotional and sentimental. On the other hand, those who are born closer to amavasya (new moon) are prone to depression and susceptible to negativity. A sad movie or song, or negative people make them get into melancholy and depression.

Seeing the moon position on astro chart, we can find out about a person temperament.

If Mars aspects moon , then one tend to be irritable or short tempered. Saturn dristi can make one depressed and sad. Loneliness and unhappy state of mind can be the result.

A badly positioned moon can lead to disturbed menstrual cycle and other blood related problems. Schizophrenia, bio-polar issues, fears of ghosts, and other unfounded fears  (because of Rahu and moon conjunction). Too much of shyness, timidity, crying syndromes etc are symptoms of afflicted moon.

To lead a happy life, one must understand one’s moon position in his/her chart and find out from a qualified astrologer if it is afflicted.

Contact wing commander Santosh Kumar Sharma for more details. Call +91 9845124158.



 Jupiter… Bruhaspati


Jupiter is for wisdom and family happiness. It helps in studies, assimilation on knowledge, sound decisions, discerning ability and general wellbeing in one’s life. A malefic Jupiter can make a person incapable of taking correct decisions resulting in repentance. The person finds himself/ herself incapable of handling any kind of stress and panics when faced with small impediments. The stress piles up and leads to various complications like liver cirrhosis , and diabetes etc.

A badly placed Jupiter can delay marriage and /or no marriage.

It is a good idea to boost the power of Jupiter if it is well placed and/or it is vakri.

For detail advice, please contact Wing commander Santosh Kumar Sharma at 9845124158.








Sun helps us to gain name, fame, power, and authority. Sun is our soul. A debilitated Sun makes us dull, unimpressive, lacking in luster and brilliance, and worthless. If it can be energized, then the Sun can fill the life with brilliance, draw name and fame and bring honor to one’s life.

Sun effects our digestion system and pancreas. A weak Sun in astro chart can lead to gas, severe flatulence, and indigestion.

A badly placed Sun can force wife and husband to stay away from each other. It may not lead to divorce but they cannot stay physically close to each other. A combination of sun and Saturn can have catastrophic effects leading to power struggle and challenging situations.

Those who want power and authority (politicians, police and military officials, I.A.S cadres etc. should know about the positioning of sun in their astro chart and take remedial measures to enhance it’s  power.

Contact Wing Commander Santosh Kumar Sharma  for more clarity. Call +91 98451 24158







This graha is for peace and tranquility in the heart. If Mercury is bad in astro chart then the person attracts wrong people to his/her life unknowingly those who give pain and sufferings to him/her. As this graha rules over heart chakra, it can effect all vital organs like heart, liver, lungs and pancreas also adversely.

Mercury is also for memory and intelligence. Students face many issues if Mercury is vakri or debilitated.

It has a tendency to behave like the other graha with which it occupies a house in astro chart. For example, if it is with Saturn then it acquires some properties of Saturn and so on. Sitting in marriage house , it can effect the sexual orientation of a person and in some cases with other combinations can lead to extra-marital relations.

Mercury and Saturn together rule over  Vishuddhi or throat chakra, as we discussed earlier. That is why if this graha is not good or less powerful then one finds it difficult to express verbally. He/she becomes a frozen figure when stands on a stage to speak to an audience.


                                                                                Saturn ..Shani

Saturn is like a GPS. If functional, it will lead us to our destination of success. If it is malfunctioning then you will lend at wrong destination on the path of your life. Time, money, and efforts,  all gone in waste.

Saturn rules over your Ajna chakra or third eye. The clarity about life, the visions, and goals of one’s life come from Saturn. Without knowing, we touch our forehead and say..” my karma..fate”, but in actuality, we are referring to Saturn..Shani  maharaja. It is so because, Shani is the “danda adhikari”, means the judge who has the power to give awards and punishments as per past karma.

A good or well-placed Saturn gives multi-tasking abilities, house, land and vehicles etc. However, if the Saturn is badly placed then one can have sadness, melancholy, depression, para-psychological experiences, fear, lethargy, an tendency to take wrong decisions in life.

Saturn is an extremely powerful graha, which can make or mar a life. It can make one a king or a pauper.

One should be very careful while wearing a Neelam or Blue Sapphire. A qualified astrologer should do a thorough study about Shani in the astro chart before Neelam is worn. Or else, you can be in real trouble.

If in doubt, opt for a rudraksha to pacify Saturn. For this, contact Wing commander Santosh Sharma at +91 98451 24158.



We discussed about Rahu. We learnt a new way to understand i.e. the working zone Rahu is at the root chakra (the lower part ) of our body. This is because of the “Chhaya” effect on water/liquid in a reversed way.

Following the same understanding, though the picture of Ketu is shown as lower part of the body, the working zone is over the head.

(read Rahu explanation).Ketu occupies the top layers of energy spectrum in the range of UV/Violet, above Saturn (which rules over third eye).

Ketu is so important because it connects us with the universal source of knowledge. It gives liberating thoughts, out of box ideas, and sudden gain of wealth.

Wrongly placed Ketu can create loads of anxiety and confusion and disorient a person. It can block the blessings from universe and a person struggles without any gain.

Those who are on the path of spirituality must ensure that Ketu position is studied in the astro chart and remedial measures taken if it is vakri or wrongly placed.

Rudraksha are best balancer for Ketu. Contact wing commander Santosh Kumar Sharma at +91 98451 24158 for any help.



Kaala Sarpa Dosh

Majority  of the people think that it is some sort of black snake blemish.

When all the grahas are placed on one side of Rahu and Ketu, we say that a person has a KaalaSarpa dosh.


In this chart, all graha are on the left side of Rahu-Ketu axis. I agree to this. However, I don’t agree the literal meaning of kala sarpa dosh. People donate gold/silver/copper snake at temples or to a brahmin to come out of this dosh. This does not make any sense. I understand it in a different way.

You have seen picture of Devi Kali.

Goddess Kali stands over Shiva, the Maha Kaala. Kaala means time. It is a pictorial depiction of Kali being beyond time (Kaala).

The Kaala word of “Kaala Sarpa’ comes from Kaali because she is the origin of Kaala (time). She is beyond Kaala. However, we all are within Kaala. We all have taken birth and someday we will die.

There is another word Sarpa in KaalaSarpa. Sarpa means snake. The snakes are always depicted as a sign of energy in Hindu mythology and spirituality. The kundalini of aura-chakra, the snake around Shiva’s neck or lord Ganesh having a snake around his belly are indications of energy movements at different energy spheres (watch my you tube videos to know more).

Snakes do not have legs to move and they have to crawl. That is why, in my opinion and understanding, the KaalaSarpa dosh is all about one’s life journey, which is full of struggles.

A person having KaalaSarpa dosh has to work hard all of his/her life. It is not that they do not get success but the quantum of struggle is disproportionate to the overall achievement. Please remember that I am talking about life’s success in totality and not only about material success. I am talking about family, children, peace, wealth all bundled into one. KaalaSarpa dosh makes life difficult.

Rudraksha are extremely beneficial for resolving KaalaSarpa dosh, compared to other methods.

Contact wing Commander Santosh Kumar Sharma at +91 98451 24158


                                     Naadi Dosh


Naadi is pulse. A vaidya (ayurvedic doctor) checks naadi to ascertain tatva imbalance so that tridosh (vata, pitta, and kapha) can be balanced in the body. Any imbalance in these three will lead to diseases (dis-ease) in the body.

From Vedic jyotish point of view, if we can find out which naadi a person belongs to, then we would know what kind of diseases the person shall be prone to.

 If you look at details (first page) of an astro analysis, you will find naadi as Adi, Madhya or ant.

Adi: Vata is dominant.

Madhya:  Pitta dominant.

Ant:  Kapha dominant.

For marriage, same naadi for both boy and girl is not recommended. If the naadi are same, then as per Vedic jyotish there is a naadi dosh (fault). Such alliances are avoided.

It is believed that if the naadi are same then the progeny/child/off spring shall have health issues (weakness at birth, heart problem or some other heath issues). For example if the boy is ant naadi and the girl is also ant naadi then the child will have lot of cough/cold/lungs/liver problems (kapha element being more). Same naadi creates childbirth related issues.


Naadi incompatibility helps crossbreeding (Wow!)

That is why it is ascertained that the bride and groom families are not related by blood. Until some time back in India, it was insisted that there should not have been any blood relations between the bride and groom’s for last seven generations. This was done to ensure that the boy and girl are not genetically same.

The genetic inheritance dis-similarity used to ensure good and healthy progeny.

We use crossbreeding to create better crops, fruits, and plants. Strong traditional bull’s semen of far off countries is used to impregnate local cows for strong and healthier calves.

Avoidance of naadi dosha actually encourages crossbreeding


In the olden days naadi compatibility was very important especially for Kshatriya Varna people (warriors) because they have to be strong enough to fight on the battlefield.

(Note.  Importance of dosha or defect in marriage match: – Brahmin used to focus more on   naadi, Kshatriya: on naadi and Varna, Vaishya on  gana and Shudra on yoni dosh. If you look at the karma they used to indulge- in then it will become clear why they used lay importance on specific dosha).



                          Mangalik Dosha  & Marriege


There are lots of confusion regarding Mangalik dosha. To ally all fears and wrong understanding, we shall learn more about it and make notes in what situations this is not applicable. To start with, let us understand that Mangalik is not a dosha (blemish). Mars being the source of energy and leadership qualities and great organizational skills can take career graph of a person very high.

To understand in very simple way, we call a person Mangalik when Mars energy i.e. Red color frequency is too much in him/her. Too much of this frequency leads to rashness in behavior, aggressive temperament and dominating character.


Who is Mangalik?

Generally, a person is called Mangalik if Mangal (Mars) is present in 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th , and 12th house. These people are very courageous, aggressive, industrious, great organizers and born leaders.

Who is  NOT a  Mangalik?

Due to wrong understanding and incorrect analysis, many people think that they are Mangalik ( or parents think so!). Please note that under the flowing conditions, Mangalik dosha does not apply.

  1. If Ascendant is Taurus/Gemini/Virgo/Libra/Aquarius.
  2. If Saturn aspects (looks at) Mars.
  3. If Venus occupies 1st
  4. If Jupiter aspects Mars.
  5. If Mars is retrograde ® or debilitated (D).

( There may be more exceptions but these are important ones).

Let us redefine Mangalik

I am of the personal opinion that with the maturity of the present generation, it is possible to create a balance in all relationships. If we are pragmatic and are aware of our OS, then we can re-programme it by balancing the Mars energy as discussed I this chapter.


Mangalik to marry only a Mangalik

In marriage, a Mangalik is allowed to get married to a Mangalik in India. This works deterrence for each other because both are storehouse of great energy. The idea is to create an energy balance between the partners. This obviates domination from either party. It is like a situation in which, there are two neighboring countries both having nuclear capabilities. Nuclear capability works as deterrence.


Know thyself first

Before trying to know about your potential match, it is prudent to know about your own temperament and orientations.

For example, if a girl has Sun in 7th house of her kundali, she tends to get attracted to males who are in positions of power and authority. When the girl gets married to such a person, she would be initially very happy and proud of her husband. However, over a period, she would try to control her husband and mould him as per her wish (she likes power, you know!). At a subconscious level, this girl got attracted to a powerful male because she loved power. Now, she wants to control this powerful person, which obviously does not happen. This leads to marital conflict and mental separation. Though they may stay together, they will mentally drift apart and will have a soul-distance. It is seen that either the husband or the wife would volunteer for foreign assignment or take transfer to work at distant place or find some excuse to move out from the house.

 When you come for a consultation we shall:

  1. Make you understand about your Operating system (OS) and explain why you behave, think, perceive, and react in ways you do and what should you do to alter these for a peaceful and successful life.
  2. Create awareness about energy inter-plays and teach you how to harness the potent planetary energies by energy equalizations methods (Rudraksha and Gemstones).
  3. Make you understand how to use Jyotish as a tool to find out reasons and causes for issues in present lifetime and methods to resolve these by using rudraksha and gemstones.
  4. Explain methods to reduce and balance the malefic planetary effects by wearing rudraksha and increase/boost beneficial planetary energies for the betterment of our life.
  5. Educate and empower you so that you take charge of your life, re-tune/fine-tune yourself and change your future by altering the present course of your life.
  6. Empower you to have peace, harmony, joy, and success in your life by having good health, happy relationships and successful career.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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