Special Tavizs are made by tree roots and herbs which resonate with different graha frequencies. These tavizs are energised after specific pooja and home by Santosh Sharmaa himself.

All the tavizs come with 30 days money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you do not find your expected results for your issues and problems within 30 days and you feel that you should return it then you can do  it.
> For pacifying one Graha: Rs. 11,000/
> For pacifying two Graha: Rs. 18,000/
> For pacifying three Graha: Rs. 25,000/
> For Pacifying four Graha: Rs. 30,000/
> For pacifying five Graha: Rs. 35,000/
> For pacifying six Grahas: Rs. 39,000/
> For pacifying seven Grahas: Rs. 42,000/
> For pacifying eight Grahas: Rs. 44,000/
> For pacifying all nine Graha: Rs. 45,000/
> For pacifying Kala sarpa dosh: Rs. 21,000/
> For education and study: Rs. 21,000/
> For removing delay in Marriege: Rs. 25,000/
> For court cases : Rs. 21,000/
> For wealth and business: Rs. 31,000/

Terms and conditions for refund of money:

1. The taviz must be returned within 30 days from the date of receipt of taviz by you.
2. If you are staying out of Bangalore then courier charges as actuals will be deducted form the fee paid by you.
3. Your money shall be refunded after deducting actual bank charges for transaction within two weeks of returned taviz delivery to us. You must send the taviz without any breakages along with the bill in original.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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