Types of Gemstones used in vedic Astrology

What are the various types of gemstones?
What are gemstones?
How are natural gemstones different from artificial stones?
Let us first understand what are gemstones?
We say, “He is gem of a person”. What do we mean by that? We say that he is the best person among so many. Similarly, when a stone is best then we say it is a “gemstone”.
In Vedic astrology, we refer to such gemstones as “ratna”.
There are nine types of ratna or gemstones as Vedic astrology or Jyotish. What are those?
Ruby or Manikya for Sun (Surya)
Pearl or Moti for Moon (Chandra)
Coral or Moonga for Mars (Mangal)
Emerald or Panna for Mercury (Budha)
Yellow Sapphire or Pukharaj for Jupiter (Bruhaspati)
White Sapphire or safed Pukhraj/ diamond or Heera for Venus (Shukra)
Blue Sapphire or Neelam for Saturn (Shani)
Hessonite or Gomedh for Rahu
Cat’s Eye or Lahasunia for Ketu
Of these, two are not gemstones i.e. Coral and Pearl (Moonga and moti).
Do you understand now why we do not use words like gemstone? We refer to these are “ratna” and not stones.
People talk about hundreds of semi-precious stones like topaz, moon stone, Opal and so on. These are upa-ratna and are considered worthy in Vedic astrology. Only nine ratna are considered worth wearing.
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