How much does a Gemstone cost?

There are various types of gemstones.
first is Daimond, then second category is the Sapphires.
Yellow Sapphire, White Sapphire, Blue Sapphire.
Then comes the Emerald.

Then are the Hessonites, Cats eye, Coral, Pearl – these gemstones are not as costly as the Sapphires.

There are two types of Sapphires and Diamonds sold in the market.
One is the articficial type for upto 3 carat, you will get for 10,000 rs to 15,000 rs.
Original sapphires upto 3 carat, which are natural will cost you around 45,000 to 55,000 rs.
Also know gemstones price gets higher as per the geometric size of the stone.

There are no standardized rates in Gemstones, each gemstone has its range in pricing. Depending on shape,size, clarity the price will vary.
Gemstone Prices are individualistic and one to one depending on the quality of the stone.
Gemstones that are natural ,unheated and untreated will cost you more than the gemstones that have been treated.
A good Natural Sapphire will cost you 20,000 rs upto 33,000 per carat

Artificial gemstones come in alot and also man made and will cost you probably 1/3 of the actual of a natural gemstone.

So, One should be very careful while choosing a Gemstone.
Substitute gemstones will cost less which look like yellow sapphire for example- yellow topaz..
Always buy your gemstones from a reliable source and a genuine place with certification.

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