Does wearing Gemstones bring luck?

Gemstones help in the stimulation of the physical, emotional and mental health of the human body.
Which eventually helps a human being to upgrade their living and stay healthy. This leads to a better lifestyle which is or can be considered as good fortune.
Good fortune doesn’t always have to mean money. People can have money and be unfortunate too. It is what makes our life better can be termed as ‘Lucky’. It can be better health, for some it could be happiness in family life, for some it could mean promotion at work, for some it could be mean to do well in studies, for many it could mean to buy property.

How the Gemstone effect our body and mind

The effect of gemstones is basically through the energy vibrations it creates when worn in the body and also through its colour. The color or vibration of the gemstones affects the human body.They absorb and reflect (like a filter) the planetary rays or vibrations.

One of the reasons gemstones have a profound effect on the human body is because the body is made up of cells and these can resonate with the same silicon-dioxide makeup of crystals, causing a vibratory effect based on the laws of physics through the transfer and flow of energy.

Gemstones absorb these cosmic and solar energies when they pass through it and seep into the body. This invokes a positive response by restoring chakra balance and leading to an improvement in health conditions. Each color has its specific characteristics and unique impact on your life if rightly worn according to your astrological birth chart recommendation.
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