Do Gemstones really work?

It is like asking, “ Will I get a shock if I touch a naked wire with current”?
Yes, You will.
All the gemstones are found deep underneath the earth. Due heat and tectonic pressure of the earth over it, these stones acquire radio –active properties. That is all natural gemstones radiate negative ions of chemicals these are composed of.
For example: Emerald consists of Beryllium, silicate, aluminum and Lithium, Yellow sapphire consists of aluminum Oxide, and Blue sapphire consists of aluminum oxide, iron and titanium.
These get released in the form of –ve ions and interacts with the electrolytes in our blood plasma and we receive the positive effects of these gemstones.
That is how gemstones work as boosters.
That is why I always say that one should not wear a gemstone of that planet which is bad in the chart.
Artificial manmade stones do not radiate the chemicals and at best these stones can act like color therapy tools. These are not fit for Vedic astrology purposes.
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