Which is the most powerful gemstone?
If someone asks, “ which is the most powerful food on this planet?” what shall be your answer?
It depends on your need. Someone may need protein, someone carbohydrate, someone may need some mineral or vitamins. Someone may need physical health and someone may need mental health.
In astrology, gemstones are used to boost the power of planetary energies which are weak or which we want to derive more benefits. We use gemstones if the planet is vakri or retrograde. Gemstones are used to give a fillip or boost the desired energy. For example: if the Jupiter (Bruhaspati) graha is less powerful i.e. vakri or retrograde in your chart then astrologer gives a yellow sapphire or Pukhraj to boost the power of Bruhaspati or Jupiter. If Shani /Saturn is good in your chart but it is vakri or retrograde then a blue sapphire or Neelam is given to you by the astrologer ( you can buy gemstones from our online store
To know, which gemstone is most powerful for you shall depend on the chart analysis to find out which planet is benefic to you, what dasha or maha dasha you are undergoing etc. for example, if Saturn is bad in your chart then you should not wear Neelam or blue sapphire or if you are undergoing sun (surya) Mahadasha, you should avoid boosting power of Shani. If you are undergoing Shani Mahadasha, never wear a ruby to boost surya. These are counter-productive.
You should use your discretion when to use a gemstone and when not to use. Sometimes, it is better to consider wearing a rudraksha. for example: if Saturn is bad in your chart, do not wear blue sapphire and wear a 17 mukhi rudraksha. If Mercury is bad in your chart then do not wear emerald and wear a 15 mukhi rudraksha.
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