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“I empower you by creating awareness about your dormant potentialities. I tell you how to convert your negative energies into positives and solve all your issues and problems in life”


Wing Commander Dr. Santosh Sharmaa ( Best Vedic Astrologer In India) provides Scientific Solutions through Astrology, rudraksha & Gemstones.

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To book for Vedic astrology consultation fee: Rs. 3540/ (including 18% GST).

Note: Pay through paytm 9845124158 (White Lotus spirituality).

Santosh Sharmaa(Retied Wing commander and author of “VEDIC ASTROLOGY: A Mystic Metaphysical  Science  of  Self,Space & Time)
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What is Jyotish?

It is all about your life’s journey. When you are sick, you go to a doctor ( in this case an astrologer). The doctor sends you for some tests and analyses the lab reports to know about your current issues and problems. Kundali, similar to the lab test report, is a tool to decipher present issues and problems, depending on the present position of your life journey path (Mahadasha and Antar Dasha, etc.).

Vedic astrology (JYOTISH) readings assume the law of karma and past births. That is why, in our horoscopes we find mention of “Dasha Bhukti balance”.

What is Mangalik dosh? the myths and wrong understanding

Astrologer Santosh Sharma provides rudraksha and gemstones at his Bengaluru Center.
Anger manangement through astrology solutions:

Sadness management through astrological solutions: 
Stay away from TV/Newspaper astrology..

Kundali means a coiled form. It is your inherited inherent karmic accumulation balance sheet.
This balance sheet has all the debt and credits of your karmas.

How does Saturn influence us? watch this video.

To know more about Wing Commander Dr.Santosh sharmaaCall for any clarificationss: +91 984 512 4158 | +91 888 4985 444 ( to consult for buying gemstones and rudraksha from our Bengaluru center)

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

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