Meaning of “Jyotisha” and “Kundali”

Jyoti means light and Isha means God or the guiding force. It is an old science compiled by 18 seers to understand the implications of our past karmas and find solutions for bad karmas to alleviate the sufferings in the current life time.

Astrology charts are referred to as kundali in Vedic astrology. The meaning of kundali is the energies available in a coiled form which shall manifest as good or bad, at appropriate time during our life’s journey. The kundali is nothing but past karma results which we have to experience during present life time. 

We all behave like robots. This is called “prakruti” i.e. your inherent natures you are born with. In a family, “prakruti” of each person is different in spite of having same genes, same schooling, same value systems etc. It is because each person is wired differently and has different kundali. The behaviour pattern of a person stems from this wiring. That is why all are different. Kundali has all the information about the prewired brain’s programming.

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