Saturn as a GPS

The location of Saturn is on our forehead.


In the spectrum of light VIBGYOR, on the top is violet i.e. Ketu, which controls our crown chakra.

Then comes Indigo. This is the color of Saturn. The mantra for Saturn starts with: “neelanjan samabhasam (which shines as neela (blue) and anjan (black) i.e. Indigo). On the forehead is the Third Eye. Third eye gives us foresightedness and ability to move ahead in life and achieve success.

Saturn controls Third Eye.

That is why I say that Saturn is like a GPS with an in-built navigation system. A retrograde (R) or debilitated (D) Shani is like a GPS, which is malfunctioning. Obviously, you land up at wrong places, at wrong timings, thus wasting your life’s energy reaching nowhere.

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