A correct understanding of Ketu and Rahu

In the VIBGYOR spectrum, Ketu is on the top Ultra Violet. Rahu is at the bottom Infra-Red.

We cannot see Ultra Violet and Infra-red. That is why, we refer to Ketu and Rahu as shadows (chhaya).

The mantra for Ketu gives the description of Ketu which starts with:  “Palasha pushpa sankasham taraka graha mastakam”, which means: which looks like flower “palasha” and which is above stars and planets. 

That is why I say that Ketu rules over our head i.e. Sahasrara chakra.

Contrary to this, many people think that Rahu is the head and Ketu is the body.

This is wrong. I say Ketu is head and Rahu is the body.

Why? Rahu and Ketu have no physical bodies and are referred as “shadows” or chhaya.. If you stand near a water body and look at your shadow on water, you will find the shadow reversed. That is why, contrary to old belief system, I say that Ketu rules over our head and Rahu the body.

A bad Ketu in the chart creates anxiety and confusions. Ketu, in conjunction with Rahu creates “Kalasarpa dosh”, which generates hindrances in life. Ketu and moon conjunction create utter confusion and hallucinations.  Ketu in lagna, fourth and seventh house in chart makes a person always anxious and worried.

A good Ketu fosters spiritualism, meditative mind and gives out -of –box thinking. Ketu also helps increase focus, intricate problem solving abilities and creates opportunity for sudden gain of wealth. 

On the other hand, a bad Rahu creates restlessness and the affected person feels like running away fro the place of stay. Many people under Rahu mahadasa renounce the world and move around like ascetic. The moving around, running away and aggressive behaviour etc.  are manifestations at physical body level.

A good Rahu gives power, authority, foreign travel, political success etc. These manifestations can be best perceived at gross physical levels.

That is the reason, I say that Rahu is the body and not the head.

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