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What is Jyotish?

It is all about your life’s journey. When you are sick, you go to a doctor ( in this case an astrologer). Doctor sends you for some tests and he analyses the lab reports to know about your current issues and problems.

Kundali, similar to the lab test report, is a tool to decipher present issues and problems, depending on present position of your life journey path (Mahadasha and antar dasha etc.). Like a doctor gives you medicines to bring a homeostasis in your health, the astrologer suggests use of  various energy equalizer methods (parihar, mantras, yantra, rudraksha and ratna i.e. gem stones etc. to achieve energy equalization)



SWOT analysis using Jyotish

It is required to do our SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis occasionally to assess our progress path and deal with challenging situations in our life. Planets do not always give good results. In addition, a planet, which is generally understood as good planet (for example everyone considers Jupiter as a good planet), may not be good for some one. Similarly, planets like Saturn, Mars or Rahu, which people label as bad may be very good for some one.

There is no good or bad planet in absolute terms. It will depend on various factors like which house it is occupying, which other planet is in the same house, Which planet is aspecting it ( drishti), whether that planet is good for you or not etc. Therefore, we cannot analyze anything in isolation and in a compartmentalized way.


Dasha means period ( a span of time).There are Maha dasha, antar dasha, and pratyantar dasha. During these periods planets whose dasha is running becomes more powerful .

Example:                       In         Moon Maha dasha

Rahu antar dasha

and Mars pratyantar dasha


Example: you are running moon Mahadasha, in that you are undergoing Rahu antar dasha. Moon is water and Rahu is IR, so you will have agitated mind. In that, you are running Mars pratyantar dasha. Therefore, you will have anger also. Briefly, you will be angry, agitated and sad- –irritated depressive thoughts will pervade your mind.

Use your common sense to understand the synergies of energies.


How Astrology works

We refer to astrology as JYOTISH. Jyoti means light and ish is god i.e. light is god. In Jyotish, we are talking about sun: source of light and it’s planets (solar system). Sun is the primary source of energy for our survival. Without sun, we can not imagine life. That is why , We refer to sun as devata (Demi-god).

The source of life is light both for plants and animals, and for that matter, all forms of life on earth.

Sun light has a spectrum of frequencies from  Infra Red (IR) to Ultra Violet (UV). In between, we have the visible range frequencies Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red (VIBGYOR).

We know that IR and UV are invisible to naked eyes (TV remote uses IR). Hence in Jyotish we call these two extreme ranges (two nodes) Chhayas (shadows). This is apt because we cannot see these spectrum.



Wave length of IR is bigger than red, red is bigger than orange and so on. As the frequencies become higher, the wave lengths becomes smaller , as wave length is inversely proportional to frequency.

Therefore, at the base is IR and at the top, we have violet and UV. This creates a pyramid structure.

The pyramid structures are based on principle of light frequencies. That is why sitting in a pyramid balances all our energies and we feel peaceful.

Pyramids represent sun light frequency spectrum.


Imagine a human being, feet is the region of IR (Rahu) and top of head UV (Ketu).

UV rays of Nakshatras (stars)

Stars emanate UV rays. In Jyotish, 27 nakshatras (stars) have been identified in relation to moon. UV rays from these stars get reflected by moon ( as moon reflects sun light ). These UV rays effect and influence the brain neurons, pituitary, and pineal glands, and create an Operating system (OS) in brain hardware. The way we perceive, behave, our innate nature (Selfishness, compassion, anger and ethical principles etc.) are determined UV rays of a particular star. Each star has it’s own characteristics. Hence, depending on which star applies to a person, he/she behaves, thinks, and conducts himself/herself.

Ketu and UV rays: a new understanding

The invocation of Ketu goes like this: Palash pushpa sankasham (which looks a palash flower i.e. violet and UV type) taraka graha (stars and planets) mastakam (on the head/top)……

May be you know that photons of UV rays are very powerful compared to lower frequencies. UV rays have influence on our immune system and skeleton formation. Vitamin D 3 deficiency affects pancreas and diabetes catches you. The nervous system gets jammed in the absence of UV rays and BP goes up. New research on UV rays shows how it creates a feel-good factor in brain. Therefore, Ketu rules over the head region and helps attract sudden wealth ( by giving bright out-of-box ideas), guides you towards moksha (liberation) and spiritual growth and honor.

In Jyotish, malefic Ketu is linked to skin related diseases. The medical science links over exposure of UV rays to all types skin problems including skin cancer. That is why; I have been linking Ketu to UV rays.


Kundali means a coiled form. It is your inherited inherent karmic accumulation balance sheet.

(Sounds   interesting ? You thought Jyotish is boring, right?)

This balance sheet has all the debit and credits of your karmas (read about karma more in my book: The Gate Way to Spirituality) of past life. Nature (or we say divinity)  makes us accountable for all our actions and pronounces awards/rewards and punishments as per Karmic rule book. The whole system is autonomous and impartial.

So, you are born with a kundali which is a road map for this current life. Any time you make a kundali, the kundali is for the time you were born. The depictions indicated were applicable at the time of birth. After that, many years have gone past. You have indulged in many good and bad karmic activities. May be you have done some penance and burnt some of the past karmas doing tapas (meditation) or incurred some bad karmas. That is why, the kundali you are referring now may not be 100 % true. It will be relatively true.

If you are new, (99 % of people do not know anything about it). Many people confuse Vedic astrology (Jyotish) with western astrology. In India also, there are three types of kundali styles. In odisha and west Bengal including all eastern states, a different type of kundali is made.

Eastern India kundali style

In south India, there is another type.

Within India itself, people from different parts, get confused. When a foreigner comes to India, in Venaras/ Allahabad an astrologer would depict in one style, in Thiruvanthapuram, it would be something else and in Kamaksha Gauhati, it would be another one.

Relax. There is no confusion. Kundali has 12 houses indicating one aspect of life each. The houses are same, the interpretations are same, but the positions of 12 boxes are different.

Though the kundalis look different, these are same in the sense that there is no change in the basic configuration i.e.        total 12 houses and placements of planets. Rules are same in all 3 styles because the root is same i.e. Vedic astrology (hence forth we shall refer to it as Jyotish).

For our study, we shall follow north Indian style, which is used in Vedic methods.

This type of kundali has a box as outer and there are 4 square and 8 triangles inside known as ghar (house). There are 12 houses .The houses are numbered 1 to 12 in a counter-clock wise indicating regression in time ( a reference to past karmas)


In west, the kundali (horoscope is different) They do it in a circular way. There is no mention of Rahu or Ketu and talk about 2 nodes. They are sun based. We are moon based. It is more logical to be moon based because moon has tremendous influence on water (the high tides in sea ) and we have about 70 % water in our body (90% in the brain).  The moon, hence, has great influence on us, the way we think, perceive, our elation and depression, hyper, lethargy and mood swings ( even menstrual cycles of women 28 days ) all depend on moon in our day to day life. Therefore, our sign (rasi) is determined as per moon’s position. So, do not get confused and be careful when you read about vague predictions in news appears and listen from TV etc. first of all these are based on western methods and these are very vague. It will confuse you and make you a dogmatic person. Be aware!

Western astrology is more concerned about zodiac signs. In Jyotish, equal importance is given to Lagna (ascendant), rasi (moon sign) and nakshatras (star): the Tri-influencers.

When you come for consultation I shall:

  1. Make you understand that Jyotish is a science, which is verifiable, consistent, and true.
  2. Explain to you why  Jyotish is not dogmatic, fatalistic and hoax.
  3. Create awareness about energy inter-plays and teach you how to harness the potent energies by energy equalizations methods.
  4. Make you understand how to use Jyotish as a tool to find out reasons and causes for issues in present lifetime and methods to resolve these.
  5. Explain methods to reduce the malefic affects and increase beneficial effects of planetary energies for the betterment of our life.
  6. Make understand your system operating system (OS) and that of your spouse/children/relatives for a harmonious intra and inter-relations.
  7. To empower you so that you take charge of your life, re-tune/fine-tune yourself and change your future by altering present course of your life.
  8. Make you aware of your Operating system (OS) and explain  why you behave, think, perceive, and react in ways you do.
  9. Empower you to have peace, harmony, joy and success in your life by having good health, happy relationships and successful career.

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