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Hypnosis under clinical conditions, is a great wonderful tool to deal with trauma, behavioral issues, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia, skin rashes,lack of motivation, examination phobia, fear of rejection/ flying/height/sea/pregnancy/intimacy, allergies, PCOD, headache, acidity, diabetes, BP etc. Under hypnosis, body is fully relaxed and the mind is at a very high state of alertness.It is extremely safe and highly effective. Great results in attracting love in life, dealing with sexual dysfunction, low energy, tiredness, low self esteem, attracting luck, creating wealth and developing leadership qualities.Great results in attracting love in life, dealing with sexual dysfunction, low energy, tiredness, low self esteem, attracting luck, creating wealth and developing leadership qualities. Past life regression ferrets out hidden reasons for blockages in progress in present life and sufferings getting manifested again and again. Your unhealed Inner Child has the capacity to create many obstacles in your present life. Self hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help yourself to lead a happy balanced life.


Hypnosis creates awe, fear, and curiosity. To many, it is a street magic and a mystic power to control someone’s mind. To some, it is a relaxation method. Many mock at it as hoax. But is a very safe and effective method to get rid of issues and problems in life within a very short span of time.


Integrate yourself


If you want to be happy, be. (Leo Tolstoy)

You have all the rights to be happy. It is your birthright. Happiness does not lie in a distant future. It is here and now.

By its programming, mind is used to show only bad memories of past and fearful, insecure future.

Fear and insecurity are the basic ingredients of an unstable mind.   Mind being unstable, all the time keeps hopping from one thought to another) remains captivated negative circling tracks.

Mind: a bucket with holes

Such a mind is like a bucket with holes. You keep putting this bucket in the well of peace (by meditating and doing other methods) and it feels that you are drawing some peace up but only empty bucket comes up. Despair and frustrations are the results.

You do so much of running around, try to lift up the peace quotient in life, take all kinds of steps but result is null.

Relax and take some deep breathes. Why do not you sit down on a sofa or a couch? No time? You have had no time for yourself, your whole life went looking after children, your job, relatives and thousands and one things. How fast, days, months and years passed away. Look at your hair…. started receding? Look at your eyes… looks blank. Why is it that you are never a priority? Still you think so.

Look at yourself closely. Stand in front of a mirror; observe your head, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, your neck, shoulders, hands, and all the fingers, look at each part of your body. All these parts help you to remain alive.

Have you ever thought about your brain, glands, liver, heart, pancreas, digestive system, skeleton and excretory systems…. All have been working silently to keep you alive. You have never thanked anyone these till date.

The air, which keeps you alive, the plants helping you with oxygen, the rain water filling earth and rivers , the farmer toiling at the fields so that you get grain, vegetables, the cow which gives milk. When did you see a cow and touched her? Have ever met a farmer who grows food for you? When did you see the sun and expressed your gratitude for your stay in its system? Did you ever feel grateful to mother earth? When did you give a hug to your mother or father? Do you ever remember how you took shelter in your mother’s womb for nine months and sucked her breasts for milk to survive? Have you ever thought when you were a small helpless infant, how your mother took care of you staying awake on nights? You crawled, you passed stool and urine involuntarily, very helpless. Your mother cleaned you, fed her milk, put clothes on you and saved you from death so many times. How grateful you are to her?

As you keep looking at the mirror, focus your gaze on the third eye (between the eyebrows), stay focused, and try not to blink. Slowly and slowly, you would find your face fading away. Keep looking at yourself as if you are looking at someone else.

As the time passes, you start de-linking from your image on the mirror. You have not known yourself by looking at you directly. You have never seen your face directly. You have always known your face with the help of a mirror.

Actually, we cannot see anything in totally at a time. If you look from one side, other side remains hidden, if you look from top then the lower side remains away from sight. Whatever we do and try, we can never see anything in totality at one time.

We have not seen our body also totally at a time. While looking in to the mirror, you may ask,” Who is this?”

“It is reflection of my face”, you get an answer from within. “My face?” This is my face, and then who am I?” I am not the reflection, I am not the face, I am not the body….who am I? Am I the mind?

But it is “my” mind. Who is thinking all these? Who is witnessing this act of mind thinking?

Who is directing the mind to focus on the image on the mirror? Who is at the back of all these?

“Consciousness” is witnessing. Internalize this witnessing and close your eyes.

As you continue to stand, feel the weight of your body on the left feet, shift it to right. Keep shifting your weight from left to right and right to left. Do it slowly with full awareness. Keep your eyes closed. Slowly, observe the weight on both the feet getting balanced. Soon you would find that your body weight is totally balanced on both the feet and there is zero weight. You would feel the weightlessness and with this weightless feeling, you would feel your consciousness hanging in thin air and floating. It is a feeling, unknown to you… so subtle.

Slowly open your eyes, carefully move on to an easy chair /sofa/couch. Sit/lie down and close your eyes again. Focus on your breathe, watch how air enters the nostrils, goes inside, belly fills up, air goes out and belly shrinks. Be with your breathe.

Say to yourself, “RELAX”, mentally. Think about your feet….. How much you ran, danced and played …go back in time and space to your childhood. Be with your friends, spend some time with them.

Your teenage… the first menstrual cycle, the hormonal changes, the whole world looked different……move forward to youth….love…relationship…..marriage……children.

How old are you inside? You do not feel your age. As if everything happened yesterday… looks unreal…like a movie.

All these memories make you what you are. If you are sad, these bundle of memories make you sad actually. All your energies are bundled in these bundles.

Retrieve all your energies from these old bundles. You have always agreed and co-operated with these sad bundles. Without these past bundles, you feel that you would not exist.


INTEGRATE yourself

Drop these bundles, retrieve all your energies and integrate yourself. This dis-integration has sucked out all your vital energies and made you insipid and sad. Consciously bring back all your energies, stuck in all the bundles, lying somewhere in the universe and make yourself a wholesome person. Tell yourself: INTEGRATE, INTEGRATE, and INTEGRATE.


Past Life Regression

Who are interested in PL?

People those who show interest in past life regression are the ones going through thoughts that they do not belong to this space and time. They feel that issues and problems of present are somewhere related to past life. These kinds of thought keep repeating to him repeatedly. Some memories of the past, some scenes and images keep popping up and something keeps stirring inside prompting him  to ponder—“ is it related to my past life?”

 What is Past Life Regression

PLR is a process of mental act going back in time and space to retrieve and re-live the memories that are still affecting and influencing the present life of a person.

Michael, a 22 years old student from Germany came to me with a problem of not being able to build any relationship with anyone from opposite sex. He also wanted to know what his purpose of life is. He told me that he wanted to do a PLR.

I explained to him that PLR is no fun and is a serious business. I explained to him about the process, which will be used over three sessions. The day one will be to learn relaxing under hypnosis and age regression. The second day will be approaching subconscious to understand (a) if the present issue is related to PL.

(b) If going to past life will resolve the issue.  

  (c) If it is appropriate, to go to the past life right now.

The first day went smooth. In the second day after the subconscious stage, we proceeded to past life.

This is what he gave in writing after the session on 10th of April 2017 at Bangalore (India):

Below is the summary as given by Michael, without any correction/addition/deletion.


Regression summary (explained by client in writing)


At the beginning I´m watching my bare feet on the ground. Afterwards I lift and watch my hands. In session, I said I was 6 years old, now from the memory, I would say I was 10 or 12 years old. I had white heavy and loose clothes on. They were itching a little. Was white grayish cotton very wide und big v-cut at the chest.

The room I was in was dark, all was wood and I was standing in front of the bed, looking on a wooden wall with jars or pots on it. And fire place, a table on the left of the fireplace. Except for the table that there is nothing but a wall on the left side. On the right side is a Window, I can see trees and the Field. Besides the Window, a door.  Probably the same Place I lived my whole life and died in. It seems like a small cabin in the woods.

At an older age I was sitting on a carriage, a poor one, only for transporting goods. Someone is sitting beside me driving the carriage, definitely a man but cannot see his face.  I see some houses ahead. (Only time I am not by the house.)

Older age maybe 30-40: I´m looking at my arms and Hands, I did something wrong but I do not know what, I regret it, or I am simply feeling bad. I can only see my arms the rest is dark. (Very big arms strong and a lot of black hair)

At some point when asked for happy memories, I was sitting in front of the cabin on a wood bench looking at the trees and Nature and was extremely peaceful and happy.

The other happy moment was when my mother picked me up as a kid she was very proud of me and smiling at me. I´m sure there was someone else around, but I couldn’t perceive him/her, only a few sounds. Mother then, could be my mother now.

At some point I was also looking at my hands when I was older (60?) I don’t remember in what context.

At death or when asked about it.  I was curling in the bed crying, I don’t know why. It was cold and more than loneliness, I felt empty, desperate. There was more to it, but I cannot see what. (Regret? Self-pity?) 

The death itself I was looking up tiered, I could see me as an old man long beard and hair very thin/hungered out.  The angel who came to pick me up was my guarding angel. When I asked him why this life, what it meant, he only smiled at me and answered “Happiness”. 

In the cab on the way home there was a similar or same feeling and something was coming from my whole body and I wanted to scream it out, but it got stuck in my chest and I couldn’t let it out.

In the above case, the loneliness is still lingering in this lifetime. The compulsion of staying alone is causing hurt. He learnt that one comes alone and goes alone and there is no one in a world that he can depend upon. His mother perhaps abandoned him. He finds it difficult to relate to women. May be he is scared of getting abandoned again. He is avoiding probable pain in current relationship. Because of this, he has not been able to get into any relationship.

He understood this. He cried in PLR. He was able to purge out those sadness and despair of PL.

He came and saw me after a week. He was cheerful and happy.

How past life regression is carried out by a hypnotherapist

A therapist uses part of conscious (speech hearing mechanism and deeper layers of subconscious and unconscious to retrieve the data of PL. A twin-awareness is used: one, which is listening to the therapist, and one, which is experiencing and viewing scenes around. The person is hearing the therapist, talking to him in present but his other part of consciousness may be in the past, past birth or projected future.

PLR can resolve many complex issues of present life. Unknown fears ( fear of flying, height, darkness etc) phobias ( hydrophobia, claustrophobia etc), unexplained behavior patterns, emotional out bursts, too much of hatred for someone, obsessions, weight issues, food habits ( too much or too little)  which looks illogical and baseless etc are some of the examples which can be solved with the help of PLR.

Past life impressions on present life

Trauma is a frozen emotional state of mind, which needs to de-freeze for a catharsis flow out. This cathartically releasing act is a part of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory. It is like pus oozing out of an old wound. In this method of healing, many frozen emotions of childhood (called inner child issues) which are sources of present behavior patterns are healed. Son of a dominating father, who used to tremble in front of him in his childhood, still finds himself trembling in front of a dominating boss. It is possible to cure and heal such cases with catharsis easily as it belongs to this lifetime.

However, if the fear is originating from past life then inner child healing may not be of any help. When the long repressed memories of past life come up to the surface of awareness, then the negativity melts away and the current symptoms wither away.

Freud coined a phrase called “repetitive compulsion.” British psychologist Mr. Ernest Jones defines it as the impulse to indulge in repetitive actions irrespective of award or punishment, pleasure or pain and not caring for destructive fallouts. Will power fails to control these habits.

We see habitual offenders, serial killers, and serial rapists indulging in such activities repeatedly as if some unknown force is goading and guiding them.

It is possible to find the hidden causes and sources in inner child of this life or impressions of past life.

Care and caution in PLR

We should resort to past life regression very judiciously. Many times, it may not be required. There is fad nowadays to go for PLR, which is not correct .Neo-hypnotherapist without much experience and wisdom push clients to try PLR. This is unethical and should be discouraged.

Sometimes, memories of PL may be very traumatic and heavy on the person creating guilt and thus making the present life more complicated and cumbersome. We should resort to past life as a solution, only when there is a real necessity after evaluating all the pros and cons like the situational compulsion and person’s present state of mind including his maturity and wisdom to handle such revelations. If the present state of mind is unstable or he is under treatment under a psychiatrist with medication then in all probabilities the scars of PL trauma will aggravate the situation and can make it worse.

Many a times, ab-reactions like violent behavior, aggression, and emotional out bursts can happen. Due caution and elaborate explanation about the methodology is necessary prior to PLR. A therapist should be mature, well experienced to handle all kinds of ab-reactions.