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Our mother earth is a big electro-magnetic field and we have bio-electricity and electro-magnetic fields in our physical and auric body. Rudraksha with its Dynamic polarities changes its properties of poles to bring balance in electro-magnetic fields of our body. It also has bio-electricity akin to our nervous system. Rudraksh works as an automatic balancer and reservoir. It helps us keep our chakra (vortex energy generators) balanced by creating requisite neuro paths and memory muscles.

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What is a mukhi

Depending on number of marks/lines on outer cover (called “mukhi” which means faces).  Depending on lines on the surface, these are segregated as one mukhi, two mukhi….fifteen mukhi etc.

It comes generally in round shape. It also comes in cylindrical shape. Rudraksha comes with natural hole.

Fake rudraksha, made out of wood and similar looking fruits are available galore in markets. People often alter the lines and make sales. So, be aware.

When a rudraksha is put under x-ray or cut open, same numbers of seeds will be found inside i.e. 12 mukhi will have 12 seeds inside.

Sri Devi Bhagavatam narrations about usage of rudraksh and feedback from innumerable users have proven time and again about efficacy of rudraksh in different combinations.

One should wear rudraksh after consulting an expert who understand about fake and genuine ones and who can guide how to wear it, based on Yin /Yang energy flows in naadis. Wrong usage does not generate full results. Precautions for storage and correct usage are advised.

Usage of Rudraksha

1-mukhi: All neurological issues, migraine and brain related problems. It helps to achieve spiritual goals.

2-mukhi: Pacifies moon. Gives emotional stability and removes depression.

3-mukhi: Pacifies Sun and improves digestion system.

4-mukhi: Represents Brahma. Gives out of box thinking.

5-mukhi : Pacifies Jupiter and gives wisdom/family happiness.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person
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How does rudraksha worn on body, by touching the skin cells on the body, can influence us?

Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, in his book “The biology of Belief” explains that each cell has its own brain (known as membrane). Membrane has receptors (nano antennas) which we can term as key boards of cell (computer).

Mr. B.A. Cornell, Head of an Australian Research consortium, got published a research paper in magazine “Nature “in 1997, confirming that cell membrane is a homologue of computer chip.

When cell membranes come in physical contact with rudraksha beads the electromagnetic pulse information generated by rudraksha is down loaded to the cells,

Rudraksha beads send out energy signals which are electromagnetic in nature at speed of 1, 86,000 miles per second compared to diffusible chemical signals which is less then one centimeter per second.

Thus we can say that cells are programmable. Here, rudraksha is the programmer.


Each mukhi rudraksha, depending on seeds it carries inside has a frequency. Specific frequencies and pattern of electromagnetic properties regulate DNA, RNA and protein syntheses; alter protein functions, gene regulation, hormone secretion and nerve functions.

A lot of research work is available about energetic signaling mechanisms and resonance in bioenergetics.

In his famous book “Resonance of Bioenergetics”, C.W.F. McClare, department of Bio Physics, University of London, talks about great efficiency in transferring energy and information without loss of power.

How much time is required to feel the effects of rudraksha?

After observing people over years who I prescribed rudraksha,  I opine that it takes about one week for the rudraksha to start getting  tuned to the  body frequencies and takes about two “mandala” i.e. around 100 days to have full tuning . We can relate this to Hindu belief system that soul enters mother’s womb after three months (about 100 days).

A child is born after about nine months and we can say that complete efficacy of wearing a rudraksha will be felt after nine months.

What are the precautions when one uses rudraksha 

One should not have bath with soap and shampoo while wearing it. Aim is to  avoid chemical contamination.

One should not sprinkle powder over it or else it would block the nano transmitters.

One should avoid keeping mobile phone on shirt pocket if rudraksha is worn on chest. Rudraksha should not be kept  near TV and  micro oven etc as it might disturb the electromagnetic field of rudraksha.

One should remove rudraksha while visiting a burial ground to protect it from negative energies.
Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

Call Now to speak to wing Commander Santosh Sharmaa at +91 98451 24158
Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person