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Rudraksha can modify the bad effects of planets to good. It can boost your luck, job profile, married life, and health

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        Depending on lines on the surface, these are segregated as one mukhi, two mukhi….fifteen mukhi, etc. It comes generally in round shape. It also comes in acylindrical shape (one mukhi).

When a rudraksha is put under x-ray or cut open, same numbers of seeds will be found inside i.e. 12 mukhi will have 12 seeds inside. 

General Usage of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is used for pacifying malefic effects of graha in astrological charts. It is also used for boosting graha energies to acquire success, prosperity and good health. Rudraksha is extremely powerful to counter Kalasarpa dosha, sadhe saati (Saturn related problems), convert negative planetary energies to positive and issues like delayed marriage, marital conflicts, inability to conceive a child, sadness, depression, anger, frustration, drug addiction, impotence, and career-related issues.

1-mukhi: All neurological issues, migraine, and brain-related problems. It helps to achieve spiritual goals.

1-mukhi: All neurological issues, migraine, and brain-related problems. It helps to achieve spiritual goals.

2-mukhi: Pacifies moon. Gives emotional stability and removes depression.

3-mukhi: Pacifies Sun and improves digestion system.

4-mukhi: Represents Brahma. Gives out of box thinking.

5-mukhi: Pacifies Jupiter and gives wisdom/family happiness.

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Each mukhi rudraksha, depending on seeds it carries inside has a frequency. Specific frequencies and pattern of electromagnetic properties regulate DNA, RNA and protein syntheses; alter protein functions, gene regulation, hormone secretion, and nerve functions.

How much time is required to feel the effects of rudraksha?

It takes about nine days for the rudraksha to start getting tuned to the body frequencies and takes about 14 weeks to have full tuning with the body.

What are the precautions when one uses rudraksha 

One should not have a bath with soap and shampoo while wearing it. The aim is to avoid chemical contamination. One should not sprinkle the powder over it or else it would block the nano transmitters. One should avoid keeping a mobile phone on shirt pocket if rudraksha is worn on the chest. Rudraksha should not be kept near the TV and micro oven etc as it might disturb the electromagnetic field of rudraksha.

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