Certified Gemstones Dealer Bangalore

The future development of medicine lies in treatments based on light and color
– Dr. Stephen Hawking- A Brief History of time.

This is exactly what Gemstones do.

Gemstones have a profound impact on all levels provided they are, “Gemstones” and not stones. The healing powers and mystique of Gemstones have enchanted mankind since centuries. Ancient Vedic scriptures talk about gems and their healing properties. Ayurveda, which is the traditional Indian medicine, extensively mentions of medicinal preparations using natural Gemstones. Praval Pishti ( Made from Red Coral), Vajra Bhasma( Made from Diamond) and Muktha Pishti ( Made from Natural Pearl) are some of the well known examples.

The Energy Centers of the body are known as Chakras and Gemstones directly Impact Chakras.

We have astrologically suitable natural Gem stones from Srilanka, Zambia and Columbia. We also have Pearl and Coral from South Sea. These are also very beneficial for aura /chakra healing.

Please call to book an appointment for consultation to find out suitable stones for you.

We have stones ranging from Rs. 5,000/ to Rs. 5,00,000/-