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The future development of medicine lies in treatments based on light and color
– Dr. Stephen Hawking- A Brief History of time.

This is exactly what Gemstones do.

Gemstones have a profound impact on all levels provided they are, “Gemstones” and not stones. The healing powers and mystique of Gemstones have enchanted mankind since centuries. Ancient Vedic scriptures talk about gems and their healing properties. Ayurveda, which is the traditional Indian medicine, extensively mentions of medicinal preparations using natural Gemstones. Praval Pishti ( Made from Red Coral), Vajra Bhasma( Made from Diamond) and Muktha Pishti ( Made from Natural Pearl) are some of the well known examples.

The Energy Centers of the body are known as Chakras and Gemstones directly Impact Chakras.

We have astrologically suitable natural Gem stones from Srilanka, Zambia and Columbia. We also have Pearl and Coral from South Sea. These are also very beneficial for aura /chakra healing.

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Let us first understand the basic principles of gem stone functioning.


We know that electrons are electrically charged particles. Ions are formed when atoms lose or gain electrons. When it gains we call it positive ions and when lose we call negative ions.

It is generally accepted that negative ionization has a positive effect on stabilizing the blood pressure, improving the function of the cardiovascular system, increasing the alkaline environment of the organism, accelerating physical recovery, strengthening the bones, improving the respiratory and nervous system.

Waterfalls, residential areas, mountains, parks, beaches, forests and springs are places where we have high concentration of negative ions. That’s why we feel charged and light.

Michael Terman, PhD of Columbia hospital has successfully conducted many experiments in usage of negative ions for health benefits.

Gem stones release Negative Ions

All gem stones release negative ions with   electrical charges. These ions  interact with electrolytes in blood plasma to bring chemical changes in the body.


All gem stones have different colors depending on what metals traces (iron, zinc, manganese, titanium, chrome, cobalt, copper and nickel) are present in the stones.

For our discussion we will consider Coral, Pearl, and Emerald, Sapphire (Yellow and Blue), Hessonite (Gomedh) and Cat’s Eye.

These are called ‘Ratna”( precious gem stones are called Ratna in India).

Ratnas are found deep under the earth. Because of tectonic pressure of earth, these ratnas acquire radioactive properties and release ions.

Coral (CaCO3)

Coral can turn acidic liquid to alkaline. Praval (coral) pisti is used in Ayurveda for last 5000 years for treating various ailments like lack of sexual drive, sperm, leucorrhea, digestion, immunity, skin complexion and as natural oxygen supplements.

Coral is hailed as medicine cabinet of 21st century. It is being used in cancer treatment, Heart, Arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.


*Coral helps balance Mooladhara chakra (root chakra).


It is CaCO3 with Conchiolin, which a complex protein.

In Ayurveda Mukta (Moti: Peal) pisti and bhashma (combination of CaCO3 and Conchiolin) is used for depression, inflammation, mood swings, melancholy, cough, catarrh, blood circulation, insomnia, muscle relaxant and anxiety etc.

In Homeopathy also it is used for similar kinds of problems.

*Pearl can help balance Swadhisthan chakra (Sacral chakra).


All sapphires mainly consists of aluminum Oxide (Al3 O2).

Aluminum content in the body and especially in the brain should not be more. Imbalanced aluminum, as the Washington DC’s Department of Planet Earth, impairs elderly people’s cognitive ability and leads to Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s (degenerative brain disease).

The Department of Neurology and Psychiatry at St. Lois University states that Aluminum may cause liver cancer and lead to degenerative symptoms.

The university of California, Irvine’s department of Medicine has reported that aluminum imbalance causes inflammation in the brain (Alzheimer’s disease is often associated with elevated inflammation).

In homeopathy, Aluminum is extensively used for all the diseases discussed above.

If trace of Iron is present in sapphire stone then a pale yellow color is formed, which we call Yellow sapphire.

* Yellow Sapphire works on Manipura chakra (solar plexus).


If both Iron and Titanium are present together in correct valance status then it will result in deep blue color which we call Blue Sapphire.


Iron helps our blood red cells to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. It also plays important role in specific processes within cell that produces energy for the body.

Tiredness, lethargy and fatigue are the symptoms of low body iron stores.

Iron maintains healthy immune system. Iron deficiency can impair learning ad can impair learning and can result in frequent infections.

“Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH)” is a genetic disease that alters the body’s ability to regulate iron absorption and excess iron gets accumulated in cells of liver, heart, pancreas, joints and pituitary glands leading diseases such as cirrhosis of liver, liver cancer, diabetes, heart disease (cardiomyopathy) and joint diseases.

Iron is related to Saturn. There is a practice in India to wear iron ring on middle finger to balance Saturn energy.




Titanium is found in bones and muscles. Those who have debilitated Saturn in their charts have problems related to bones and muscles.

In homeopathy, titanium is used for tuberculosis,   to cure imperfect vision, giddiness, eczema, sexual weakness and pre-mature ejaculation and many psycho-somatic cases.

Wearing Blue Sapphire can help in all these cases.

*Blue Sapphire works on Third Eye chakra.




Chromium in ruby makes it look red.

Shortage of chromium in body may cause heart condition, disruptions in metabolism and Diabetes.

Chromium is also used for PCO (polystic Ovary Syndrome), lowering bad cholesterol/raising good cholesterol and Binge Eating Disorder (lack of control over eating).

Also it is used to burn fat and loses weight.

All above problems including delay in child birth, frequent abortions etc also happen if Sun is positioned wrongly in chart.

*Ruby is used to balance Manipura chakra (Solar Plexus).




Emerald . Beryllium Aluminum silicate (Be3 Al2 SiO6)


Homeopathy medicine, Beryllium is used for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease) i.e. chronic bronchitis, refractory (Non-reversible) asthma, emphysema (which causes air flow limitation i.e. difficulty in breathing).

When respiratory system is damaged, strain is placed on heart which can lead to enlarged heart and other heart diseases over time and person may experience fatal heart failures.


Aluminum part we have already discussed.



If you use computer, cell phones then you know about micro-chips which is nothing but silicates.

Quartz crystals are also silicate. Unique properties of silicates include ability to conduct electricity, produce high frequency vibration and provide thermal insulation.


Silicon is the central part of silicate.

Micro-chips are silicon cut down to micro proportions with governing instructions imprinted on them through “photographic” processes which tell the computer how to operate similarly to how the human brain tells the body to operate.

Silicate like quartz crystals (used while healing and balancing seven chakras—the energy vortices) have unique ability to produce a rhythmic high frequency vibration.

The crystal emits a rhythmic beat when hooked up to an electronic source.

Dr. Ramamurthy, a nuclear scientist based at Hyderabad, has successfully made an aura/chakra balancer machine using this method.

Homeopathy medicines, which operate on the principle that “like heals like” uses silicate for cold, flu, low emotional strength (shy and unassertive but tend to be stubborn) and painful breast feeding.


Emerald, hence, boosts Mercury (green color) power which rules over Anahata (Heart) chakra which is connected to the right brain (sub-conscious mind).


One should wear emerald ring on left hand small finger (to connect to right brain) as left side is connected to right brain.

Emerald also can be worn as a pendant.


Emerald helps  balance Heart chakra.



Hessonite. Calcium Aluminum Silicate.


In this case Calcium may consist of part Ferrous Iron and Aluminum may consist of Ferric Iron.


Calcium deficiency may lead to bone/muscle pain, joint pain, ligament pain, arthritis etc. depression, low feeling, sensitive, insecurity, neck pain, stiffness and head pain also happen.

All these are symptoms of Rahu being in a bad house. Rahu behaves like Saturn. Note the similarity of Iron content in blue sapphire and Hessonite.

Aluminum:  We have discussed this part. In Rahu dasha people feel restless, dis-oriented and lazy.

Silicate: We have discussed about it.

It works on Mooladhara chakra.



Cat’s Eye.  Sodium, Calcium, Aluminum and Silicate.

It is a very mystic stone and will require good elaboration. We have already discussed about functionalities of Calcium, Aluminum and silicate. We will talk about Sodium. But first let us know this gem stone little more.


Cat’s eye is used for balancing Ketu, which rules over the head and responsible for sudden wealth gain (due to sub-conscious mind‘s intuitive attraction), moksha (liberation from cycles of birth and death) spiritual powers (like sixth sense, clairvoyance, visions and telepathy etc)


At the same time, if wrongly placed   in horoscope, it    can generate anxiety, hallucinations and confusions etc.


Cat’s eye stones have an interesting feature of “cyclic twins” called trilling, hinting at our conscious and Super conscious integration.

Cat and Cat’s Eye stone

Cats have wider vision of 200 degrees and can see much better in dim light.

Cat’s lenses transmit significant amount of Ultra Violet light (this light spectrum is related to Crown chakra which is the region of Ketu).

Cat’s eyes face forward affording “depth perception better (deeper spiritual experiences and understanding.


Cats do not need to blink their eyes on a regular basis for lubrications we human do (Krishna tells Arjun to focus on the tip of the nose without blinking for meditation).

Let us discuss about Sodium content in Cat’s Eye gem stone.


Sodium  is used as a medicine to treat bio-polar disorder, epilepsy, and migraine. It works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain.

In homeopathy medicines, Natrum Mur (sodium chloride or common salt, which is found in sea) is extensively used for many mental and physical ailments..

Sea is the mother of all organic life. Even we, human beings, stay in mother’s womb in which the water is same as sea water.

It is the most important salt of blood plasma. Vital function of salt is electrical polarization of cell membranes enabling the transmission of nerve impulses,

It helps in flow and exchange of neural signals, displays extreme sensitivity and receptivity (awareness).


In Japan, there is lot of research on memory power of water. Salt being from sea, has the power of retention and preservation of old memories and emotions.


Unkind aloof memories of the womb (before birth), rejection by mother (no bonding), and failure to breast feed, uncared for… all these memories create sadness (when Ketu sits with moon).

Cat’s Eye gem stone helps in balancing Crown chakra (sahasrara).