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A wrong choice of a gemstone can have extremely adverse effects on you and your family. you must  find out what NOT to wear.
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what does Gemstone do?

Gemstones pacify planetary energies in astrological charts. Gemstones  can help in  career, job, business, marriage, wealth, and happiness in life. Gemstones can also remove causes of delayed marriage, frequent abortions, inability to conceive, and marital conflicts. 

How does a gemstone work in our body?
All gemstones release negative ions with electrical charges. These ions interact with electrolytes in blood plasma to bring chemical changes in the body-mind.
For example, Yellow Sapphire (Pukharaj) which consists of ‘Aluminum Oxide’ is recommended for increasing power of Jupiter (Brihaspati).

Research made in U.S.A says that imbalance of ‘Aluminum Oxide’ effects the brain functioning. We know that Jupiter stands for wisdom and knowledge, which are the functions of brain. That is how Yellow Sapphire (Pukharaj) is related to Jupiter, which because of the chemical composition
We should ensure that gemstone which we intend to buy has been certified by a genuine laboratory stating the genuineness and that it is unheated and untreated.
The Yellow and Blue Sapphire gemstones should fulfill these criterion:
Hardness: 9 (diamond has 10), and Refractive index: 1.7
For Emerald, the hardness is 7.5 and Refractive Index is 1.5
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We  provide lab tested and certified 100% natural, unheated, and untreated astrologically suitable  Sri Lanka Yellow sapphire, and Blue Sapphire, and Zambia/Columbia Emerald gemstones. We are the best Certified Gemstones Dealer at Bangalore.

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