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what does Gemstone do?

Gemstones pacify planetary energies in astrological charts. Gemstones  can help in  career, job, business, marriage, wealth, and happiness in life. Gemstones can also remove causes of delayed marriage, frequent abortions, inability to conceive, and marital conflicts.

How does a gemstone work in our body?

All gemstones release negative ions with electrical charges. These ions interact with electrolytes in blood plasma to bring chemical changes in the body-mind.There are resonance relationships between the planets, rudraksha, gemstones, digital sequences, and other phenomena. Each planet is resonant with specific frequencies of the color spectrum.You can meet astrologer Santosh Sharmaa at his Bengaluru center with prior appointment.

For example, Yellow Sapphire (Pukharaj) which consists of ‘Aluminum Oxide’ is recommended for increasing power of Jupiter (Brihaspati).

Research made in U.S.A says that imbalance of ‘Aluminum Oxide’ effects the brain functioning. We know that Jupiter stands for wisdom and knowledge, which are the functions of brain. That is how Yellow Sapphire (Pukharaj) is related to Jupiter, which because of the chemical composition

We should ensure that gemstone which we intend to buy has been certified by a genuine laboratory stating the genuineness and that it is unheated and untreated.

The Yellow and Blue Sapphire gemstones should fulfill these criterion:

Hardness: 9 (diamond has 10), and Refractive index: 1.7

For Emerald, the hardness is 7.5 and Refractive Index is 1.5

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We  provide lab tested and certified 100% natural, unheated, and untreated astrologically suitable  Sri Lanka Yellow sapphire, and Blue Sapphire, and Zambia/Columbia Emerald gemstones. We are the best Certified Gemstones Dealer at Bangalore.


What is gemstone?

Gemstones are found underneath the earth. Because of tectonic pressure and heat under deep earth, these stones acquire radioactive properties and release ions of chemicals these are composed of. These negative ions interact with electrolytes in our blood plasma to balance our body energies.

What is the differences between natural gemstones and artificial ones?

Natural gemstones are dug from the earth. These are cut and polished but are not treated with colors or heated. Artificial gemstones are manmade with similar chemical properties by using heat and color injection. Natural gemstones are always costlier then the artificial gemstones.

What should be weight of gemstone for wearing in ring? Is 4 to 6 carats okay?

Weight of gemstones (carats) need not be a guiding factor. Some people say that it should be half of body weight without end zero i.e. if your weight is 80 kg then you should wear 4 carat. This has no logic. Some people say that women should wear half weight i.e. if a woman is 80 kg then for man it is 4 carat and for a woman it is 2 carat. These are illogical and have no justification. You should wear a stone irrespective of size.

What is carat and ratti?

If a gemstone weighs one gram then it is equal to 5 carat. One carat / 0.90 = one ratti.

1 gram= 5 carat = 5.5 ratti

How to test original gemstones visually?

All natural gemstones will have some flaws. All manmade gemstones will be clear and more beautiful. Besides that the natural gemstones will have mention that these are unheated and untreated. If it is heated then it would be mentioned in the certificate that there is indication of thermal enhancement. Manmade gemstones certificate will not mention all these.

Are natural gemstones and manmade gemstones same composition wise?

Not all, but many may be same in terms of chemical compositions and Refractive Index (RI). But for sure, natural gemstones are best suitable for astrological purpose.

What are prices of natural gemstones?

Sapphires (yellow sapphire/ white sapphire/ blue sapphire) etc costs around Rs. 25,000/ per carat for 1 to 2 carat range. From 2 to 3 carats, it may cost Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000/. 3 to 4 carats, it is Rs. 60,000/ to Rs. 80,000/ . From 5 to 6 carat, it is Rs.90,000/ to Rs. 1,00,000/.

What are the rates of manmade gemstones?

A manmade gemstone 4 to 6 carat may cost from Rs. 15,000/ to Rs. 30,000/ depending on quality.

When a gemstone will not work?

A gemstone, whether a natural or a manmade will not work if the graha (planet) for which you are using it is in Debilitation (Deb). Rudraksha works for graha, which is in debilitation.

Can a gemstone harm?

YES. If a graha is bad in your chart and you wear a gemstone for that graha then it will harm you. For example, if Shani is bad in your chart and you wear a blue Sapphire then it will harm you. A 17 mukhi rudraksha will help you instead.

How often one can remove gemstone?

No. you should not remove gemstone once you wear except for medical conditions or any other emergency.

What precautions one should take while wearing a natural gemstone?

All natural gemstones are susceptible to chemical reactions. Strong detergents, acids in toilet and paint/perfume/ nail polish remover etc should avoided. All these may react with natural gemstones and crack/ color disfigure can happen. Emerald i.e. Panna becomes dry in summer and can crack. Occasionally a little oil should be applied on emerald gemstone. To keep it moist. Artificial gemstones are safer compared to natural gemstones.

What materials should be used for making rings?

People talk about pancha dhatu and asta dhatu etc. It is very difficult to make such rings. It is safe to use silver for all kinds of gemstones. Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) can be worn in golden ring.

Which fingers are for different gemstones?

Index finger for Yellow sapphire (Pukhraj) . Middle finger is for Blue Sapphire (Neelam) ,Hessonite( Gomedh), Lahasunia (Cat’s eye). Ring finger is for Ruby (Manik), Coral (Moonga) and White Sapphire/Diamond. Small finger of right hand for Pearl (Moti). Small finger of left hand is for Emerald (Panna).

Which countries are  famous for natural gemstones?

Ratnapura in Srilanka is famous for all sapphires. Columbia and Zambia are famous for Emerald. Italy and south sea is for corals and pearls. Hessonite and Cats eye are found in Brazil, China, South India and Srilanka.

Which countries are famous for manmade gemstones?

All sapphires Thailand and Bangkok. Emerald is Brazil. Cat’s eye and Gomedh are African. Coral, Pearl etc china.

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#How much gemstones cost and why?

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