About Wing Commander Santosh Sharma

Wing Commander Santosh Sharmaa is a third generation astrologer, A Healer of vast experience, SUJOK master and Spiritual hypnotherapist. He is at Bangalore, capital of Karnataka, India since last two decades

He is adept in Energy equalization, Emotional Detoxification, past life regression, marital conflict resolution, Fear/phobia/pain dissolution, de-addiction and smoking cessation etc.

He has been honoured with umpteen awards and facilitations. Nelson Mandela International Peace award, Global Achievers award in Astrology and Indian Achievers award in social service and Health education are some of many.

Our Mission

  • We are dedicated to help drive away sin, suffering and pain worldwide.
  • We are committed to transformation of humanity through self-awareness, leading to inner bliss and living enlightenment.
  • We are committed to supplying best quality blessed items for for path of spiritual enlightenment.
  • We keep prices reasonable for the benefit of the humanity.
  • We promote further research in this path so that the knowledge may be used for the benefit of all.

Award and Achievement